Find the Best House Music and Best House Djs: Free House Music Websites

Find the Best House Music and Best House Djs: Free House Music Websites

Posted 07.10.2012 in Articles by Dan

Although it's quickly gaining popularity with the new generation, the electronic dance music (EDM) still hasn't fully reached the same level as some of the most popular artists such as Kanye West or Katy Perry on iTunes. While some big name electronic artists like Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Kaskade are well known, there are still a number of unknown, up and coming DJs out there. So if you are looking to get new releases first, find remixes of your favorite tracks, or discover new artists, these following sites will help you do all that and more. is one of the more established EDM Web sites, having been around since 2004. Beatport offers a top 100 tracks list with songs rated by popularity among users and its new releases and exclusive tracks are listed by DJs. The interface for its new releases and exclusive tracks selection allows for you to play songs, or clips of songs, by clicking on the album cover. All the songs on Beatport are available for purchase, but it also offers free sounds and tracks for download on a weekly basis. Beatport current catalog of songs contains more than 700,000 tracks, 160,000 releases, and over 120,000 artists. Other than the tracks and sounds on Beatport, it also includes a news section, gear section, and streams live performances and sets from DJs all around the world.. The news section is a blog style article based page with news on djs, festivals, and videos. Staff also selects “picks of the week” new or up and coming songs for readers to check out.

One of the most accurate and breaking music sites is This Song is Sick started out as a small music blog for founder Nick Guarino to share new music with his friends has grown into one of the most popular places to find EDM music. This Song is Sick has a reputation of having the newest releases first and with respected track reviews. The site maintain its blog style with short entrees on new songs or remixes. This Song is Sick has a simple to use layout, with a continuous scroll down interface to wade through the blog featurettes and click on links to listen or download the music tracks listed. The music players that This Song is Sick uses ranges from basic mp3 players to Soundcloud's widget player, and if you are signed into a Soundcloud account you can like or even download directly from the widget.

Soundcloud is a track heavy site, made for exploring and uploading sounds quickly and easily. Soundcloud is a European based project that started in Stockholm, Sweden and has recently been moved to Berlin, Germany. It was originally meant as a tool for artists to share recordings with each other, but because of it's success and popularity it has now transformed into a full scale publishing site for musicians to distribute their tracks. Just after this past new year, Soundcloud announced that it had accumulated 10 million registered users for the site. Soundcloud's most recognizable feature is its desktop widget which is used by multiple Web sites and music blogs. Soundlcoud fosters artist and DJ collaboration and allows artists to share their music around the world.

Electronic music has many different outlets and can be found all over the Internet, but these sites offer high quality, detailed reviews, and easy accessibility to downloading tracks. No matter if you are a longtime fan or just discovering EDM, using Soundcloud, Beatport, or This Song is Sick will be sure to help you find tracks and artists you'll love.

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